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Carrying our legacy from our inception in the flamboyant 1970s to the modern 2020s, Fook’s Jewelry stays true to its commitment to brilliant aesthetics, innovative concepts, and finest quality. We are passionate about authentic craftsmanship, exquisite artistry and seek to melt stories into every piece we create.

We are a family-owned company that stays true to its roots and are specialized in diamond and gemstone manufacturing. Our company was built on a foundation of passion for the finest things in life and will continue to thrive on it. Every piece of fine jewelry we craft is a statement for everything we believe and stand for.


Every dazzling piece is created by heart to achieve perfection in their craft. We believe that every person deserves to taste the experience of luxury. We aim to provide you with excellent value for money, along with striking gems and diamonds that can be turned into priceless heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation.


We bring luxury to your fingertips. We strive to become the ultimate online portal for luxurious, timeless high-end jewelry pieces, making it easy to purchase exquisite jewelry without having to break the bank.

Over the years, we have noticed an increasing demand for high-quality jewelry among the younger generation. As a response, we have created a new collection of unique pieces designed to suit online shoppers’ needs and tick all their boxes – aesthetic design, great quality, reasonable pricing and free shipping service.

Fook’s Jewelry leverages its 5 decades of expertise in the fine jewelry business to bring the same quality level in the online space to our customers online with good value for money.


We continually strive to become better at what we do. We travel around the world to participate in the most prestigious jewelry exhibitions, examining trends, new materials, and trends to make sure we stay on top of everything.



We have a high standard of carftsmanship and we perform stringent quality screening under GIA Gemologist guidance in sourcing our raw materials.  This will ensure our customers be spoiled with the finest pieces. We select and sort diamonds – and design each piece in-house.  

Our diamond and gemstone suppliers are reputable companies that are well-known in our industry, they are located in Hong Kong, Thailand, Europe and North America. With decades of relationship and understanding, we have established a mutual trust with them and sustained a stable and quality supply chain.

We also undergo diamond testing through industrial devices upon every purchase. Upon the completion of each piece of fine jewellery, it would be examined through our in-house guided QC standard manually and retested by a CVD diamond tester machine to reassure the diamond authentication.

When selecting solitaire diamonds or gemstones, apart from our professional advice to accommodate customers’ need, we also provide GIA, GRS or GUILD certificates to attest to our diamonds and gems’ quality to give customers dual assurance.


We value transparency and aim to build lasting relationships with our customers. You can always get in touch with us for any inquiries. We are looking forward to always being at your service and becoming your trusted source of fine jewelry designed with love.

Laurence Wong, General Manager of Fook’s Jewelry

GIA Graduated Gemologist | Jewellery Connoisseur


After the graduation of Master in Finance in Australia and pursuing the financial career for years, Laurence was being called to work for his family’s fine jewelry business, where he has started developing and expanding it from retail (B to C) to wholesale (B to B). He now moved on to O to O to meet the market needs. “Since I was born in a jewelry business family and I used to play around in my father’s jewelry store in my childhood, I have started to cultivate a strong interest in the art & business of jewelry unconsciously.”

Knowing that the jewelry business was all his parents’ life, he learned to run the business from ground up by attaining professional jewelry knowledge to substantiate his work to the fullest while keeping up with the ever-changing world in terms of jewelry trends, designs, materials, and pricing. Laurence strives to exceed customers’ expectations continually, while setting the standard in the industry.

“A piece of aesthetic jewelry will be kept in mind forever. I believe that high-quality jewelry will bring beauty, joy & eternity to every one of our valued customers. Their satisfaction and word of mouth compliments would be the best return for us to strive to the utmost. To reciprocate customers’ trust and confidence in us, we will never sacrifice our quality level.

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